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If you're looking for web development, ditch this joint and head over to Rehab Creative Web Development. If you're looking for photography, i don't really do it anymore unless you're awesome or in desperate need. Feel free to visit my photo site (the first, embarrassing website i ever made) which hasn't been updated in years - Liveasif Photo.com.

This page mainly exists so that I'll show up when you google Mike Pfeiffer and possibly provide some relevant links for long lost friends or acquaintances that may be searching for me. It's also a place where I used to fool around with new web technologies, hone my html5/css3/jquery skillz, goof off with php without worrying about crashing a real site or play with Drupal modules that looked sweet. I thought I might write the occasional blog about what's going on in my life or whatever I'm busy getting myself into that day, but turns out I've been too busy doing things and forgetting to write about them. Speaking of what I'm getting into, if you're looking for (Denver) web development or web design feel free to hit me up or stop by our office if you're in Denver. Come say hi and i'll even buy you a coffee downstairs at le bardo coffee house.

If you were wondering what was is up with the '.org' — mikepfeiffer.com was already taken, and mikepfeiffer.net and even mikepfeiffer.info! Mike Pfeiffer is apparently a way more popular name than i had thought... /sigh If you notice me using 'Mike Pfeiffer' excessively and plastering the page with photos, don't hate, i'm really just doing it for seo, so i can try and show up above those other imposters when you search my name.

mike pfeiffer

My contact info and a handful of other useful links can be found here. I'm assuming you must know me if you've read this far, so feel free to give me a ring at (3 oh 3) three three five - nine four oh five.

I'm a pro web developer, specializing in highly functional Drupal sites. When I'm not busy writing beautiful, elegant code or doing any number of other awesome things that i love, i'll be found geeking out and keeping up to date on technology or finding ways to streamline my life.

I am a pc and a mac, but for the foreseeable future, i'll be rocking an android phone, for obvious reasons.

p.s. if you're in the area and looking for an awesome church, checkout Flatirons.

Really just jamming as much useless info into this page as possible...